Excellent interview. I wrote on the video but I was also advocating for kids. Did you know it was Anthony Fauci who got the schools closed? He met with the LA Teacher’s Union and boom they were closed & all the others rippled. I’ve been helping special needs kids-I have thousands of homeschool parents in a group-and I know already many don’t learn virtually. I was asked to be on many livestreams & podcasts that day.

I was able to put a declaration into the LAUSD mandate lawsuit against forcing kids who don’t have the COVID jab into virtual school. Turns out I’m the leading expert on that since CA has paved the way for those types of schools (shockingly something we maybe did right.)

I also knew at least 25% of the kids have dyslexia - and many are already missed. Those are the kids who don’t learn virtually. This means many more kids who should have already been identified with special needs but were missed would struggle. The schools are doing a horrible job identifying and educating those kids.

On top of it CA and many “blue” states lobbied the government to suspend special education rights for an entire YEAR - one week into COVID. My group lobbied the White House against this and Trump listened. I knew when I saw that they planned on keeping our kids out an entire year.

To me that’s even more disgusting. They knew this would affect special needs kids and the solution was to remove their rights. It was these groups who sued and rightly so. But not enough ...

My daughter was a Senior in 2020. She had a drive through graduation. She missed her first fly to choir performance - she was the choir VP. She missed her last year of 4H raising lambs.

She and my son missed many of their regular social activities. My autistic son still had a virtual graduation the next year. He has autism and needs the social aspect. He was already homeschooled (and his education was for the most part much better). But their regular homeschool dances, Bon fires, activities, conferences - the things both my kids looked forward to - were stolen.

What Fauci & his boss Francis Collins & all the others behind this including Bill Gates (also behind the failed “Common Core”) did is shameful. I honesty believe they have some serious Karma.

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Great conversation. I hope the kids throw out the trash from both parties when they go to the polls in 24.

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